"My senior photos were a great representation of who I am as a person thanks to the poses and settings that Kristen prepared for me. I am so lucky to have had Kristen Zannella photograph me because it was overall such a fun day and the quality of the products, the variety of options for products, is on that cannot be beaten!" Samantha Fazio
“I knew I would get a unique photo shoot with may unique poses that aren’t similar to anyone. The day of the shoot was so fun. I got to pick out what outfits I wanted to wear and through that Kristen chose the location that she thought would best work. Kristen is very understanding and is there to make YOUR senior pictures the way YOU want them to come out.” Rebecca Weeks
“I liked that I didn’t feel like any of the poses you chose were forced, they felt like they looked natural rather than planned. I also liked how I had fun and the photo shoot didn’t feel like it dragged on for a long time. The photos came out so much better than I could have ever imagined and you paid very close attention to the detail which meant a lot.” Sydney Kenyon
“I was so impressed with Kristen’s professionalism and her superlative “recipe” for creating the ultimate senior portrait. A vibrant beautiful young lady posed to graduate from high school, perfectly airbrushed makeup, personalized couture, natural looking poses in gorgeous outdoor settings with just the right lighting. There you have it, the unequivocally perfect senior portrait experience!” Gabbie Munroe